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Some fundamentals of JavaScript


1. charAt()

This method of JavaScript returns the position of a letter inside a string,

just by providing an index number. It starts counting from 0.

Interestingly it also counts white spaces.

If the value provided does not exist in the string, it returns “an empty string”.

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The moment you become a developer, the subsequent question that involves your mind is how am I able to get employment? to urge a job you need to be a master in handling the interview questions.

During this blog, I’ve got tried to share a number of my experiences.

1. Truthy and Falsy values:
As well as a sort, each value also has an inherent boolean value, generally called either truthy or falsy. a number of the principles are a touch bizarre so understanding the concepts and effect on comparison helps when debugging JavaScript applications. …

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1. What is React?

React may be a declarative, efficient, and versatile JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It allows you to compose complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code called “components”.

2. React is not a framework.

One important distinction between libraries like React and frameworks like Ember.js and AngularJS is that React cares only with rendering the UI and leaves many things up to every project to place together. …

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1. Types of values in JavaScript

There are two types of values in javascript, one is called primitives and the other is objects and functions. Let’s discuss Primitive values now. Primitive values are : ●Undefined (undefined), used for unintentionally missing values. ● Null (null), used for intentionally missing values. ● Booleans (true and false) are used for logical operations. ● Numbers (-100, 3.14, and others), used for math calculations. ● Strings (“hello”, “abracadabra”, and others), used for text. ● Symbols (uncommon), used to hide implementation details. ● Bigints (uncommon and new), used for math on big numbers. And Objects and…

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